“Christos and Maria” seafood restaurant

Our restaurant

45 years experience preparing good food

The “Christos and Maria” restaurant is also near the water, next to the Hotel Balaska and right below the studios.

Christos has worked in catering for 45 years, and Maria 30, and we have no doubt that you’ll find our food excellent.

In a comfortable, authentic setting overlooking the limitless blue of the Evian Gulf, those of you with a weakness for good food and friendly service will truly enjoy our out-of-this-world homemade selections.

What to eat...

Home-style recipes with pure ingredients

We make everything ourselves, with special care in selecting top-quality ingredients. We use extra-virgin olive oil that Christos produces in Pyrgos, Ilia, in the Peloponnese.

Homemade appetisers (spicy cheese spread, aubergine dip, beet salad, pies and others), casseroles (rabbit in lemon and orange sauce, crayfish pasta, tomato meatballs with couscous and much more) and special desserts (ice cream, spoon sweets), always served on the house, are truly worth sampling.
Fresh fish and meats are all grilled over charcoal by a master griller - Christos himself. 

All of the above, together with the pleasant, family-style environment, affordable prices and excellent service, ensure you and your children will have an enjoyable time. There is parking and a play area for kids.

One taste is all it takes!  

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