The village of Ilia in Evia

Idyllic holidays

Ilia, Evia

Paradise is just 2.5 hours from Athens

Ilia is a charming seaside fishing village, 8 km south-east of Aidipsos, with a crystal-clear sea, verdant mountains and low humidity. There is also a thermal spring at the edge of the village that flows into the sea.

Just 2.5 hours from Athens, the picturesque village of Ilia, with its azure waters and lush greenery, is the ideal setting for your holiday.

It takes its name from the Temple of Ileus Apollo (where the oracle of Selinountian Apollo is located), built higher up on Mount Telethrio. Traditional and hospitable, each summer it welcomes vacationers drawn by the diversity of the landscape. Tourists can find lodging at hotels, rented rooms and studios, and enjoy the variety of seafood masterfully caught by local fishermen.

Here, visitors can just relax or let loose a little at the local night spots. It is also a haven for scuba or coastal fishermen who prefer to spend their holiday engaged in their hobby. The local saint's day feast is 17 July, celebrating Agia Marina.

Ilia is also an ideal destination for celebrating Easter or the Carnival (special event for Love and Clean Monday).

The easy access to activities (water sports, walks in nature, visits to monuments and museums, etc.), the mild climate, the hot springs flowing to the sea at the edge of the village, combine with the virgin natural environment to offer an idyllic holiday package. - © Copyright 2018 - Με την επιφύλαξη παντός δικαιώματος - Designed & Hosted by