Balaska House Evia

Best Holiday Ever !

We have created the ideal setting for you and your family to enjoy an unforgettable summer holiday by the sea. Simple but tasteful, with all the necessary amenities that include our restaurant and immediate access to the sea.

Balaska House offers its guests a chance to relax and enjoy themselves.
Situated just 6 metres from the sea, you can go for a swim at our beach, complete with umbrellas and sunbeds, enjoy one of the available water sports, go for a hike in nature or visit the local museums.
Our premises offer prompt service, comfort and delicious local flavours at our restaurant, located right next to the hotel, in the tradition dating back many years.

Our staff are at your disposal for whatever you may need to make your stay and your holiday memorable.

Our facilities


Hotel Balaska

Balaska Hotel Ilias Evias

The Hotel Balaska is literally perched at the water’s edge. You can enjoy your stay in one of our 30 m2 rooms with a view of the sea, and our beautifully landscaped lawn and garden of colourful flowers.


Studios Balaska

Balaska Studios Ilia Evoias

The Studios Balaska are located next to the Hotel Balaska, over the “Christos and Maria” restaurant. These are 6 individual studios, all with a view of the sea, tastefully decorated and fully equipped.


“Christos and Maria” seafood restaurant

Balaska Tavern Ilia Evoias

The “Christos and Maria” restaurant is also near the water, next to the Hotel Balaska and right below the studios. Christos has worked in catering for 45 years, and Maria 30, and we have no doubt that you’ll find our food excellent.

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